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Mr. Britcher

Mr. Britcher



Liz Ebert is a Senior at Central Dauphin High School. In her spare time she likes to partake in cheerleading, singing, and volunteering. Her main interests in writing include sports, social media, and entertainment.


Cleo Robinson is a Senior writer for the Central Dauphin Rampage. Human interest and opinion pieces are her favorite to write. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family.

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Josh Sanchez is a Junior at Central Dauphin. He likes to play sports and video games, watch TV, and makes edits (photo and video) on his free time. He will write almost almost anything and does not prefer anything over the other (sports, news, music, etc).


Hannah Shull is a Senior at Central Dauphin High School. She is a fairly new writer and enjoys reading/writing about political tops and events. She journals on her free time and loves art. She hope to make an impact on problems in society to hopefully help generations to come.


Olivia Miller is a Senior in Central Dauphin. She enjoys playing softball, and creating her own youtube videos. She likes to write about her community and its effect on teenagers.


Mariam Adly is a Senior at Central Dauphin High School. She was born in Egypt but has spent most of her life in the U.S. She enjoys sleeping, eating, and hanging out with her friends. Although she isn’t very good at it she enjoying painting. She is more than happy to translate but when people are indecisive about the word it drives her crazy.


Alexia Brown is an avid reader and writer and has been since she was very young. Outside of writing for the rampage, she is very involved in Central Dauphin’s theatre and music programs. Alexia also is a member of the National Honors Society and organizes community food drives during the schools’ many concerts. She hopes to pursue a degree in journalism/communications after high school.


Eli Adler is a Senior at Central Dauphin High School. Reading and writing since a young age, he plans to go to a college and study Political Science with a minor in journalism. Eli is also very involved in his local youth group because his only distinctive feature is his Judaism.


Colby Yonchiuk is a Senior at Central Dauphin High School. His primary interests of writing are finance, which he plans to study for his post-secondary education, and international topics, as he finds great interest in cultures from throughout the world. As a writer, his primary goal is to approach topics in a unique, thoughtful perspective that the reader will keep with him/herself.



Trevor Weinstock is a distinguished Honors Student and Senior at Central Dauphin High School. He is the president of a youth organization located outside of the school called Harrisburg Larry Urie AZA #128. Trevor enjoys writing about the political landscape of Pennsylvania and our country and about movie box office numbers.


Hope Walborn is a Senior at CDHS who enjoys reading, writing, art, music, and the likes. Her topics of interest vary widely. From big current events to smaller subjects, if she wants to know more and thinks others should too, she’ll write about them. Hope’s goals are to travel the world and read as much as possible, and hopes others try to do the same.


Eve Vukmanic is a Junior at Central Dauphin High School. She rides horses as a competitive sport for Hanoverdale Farm and is a Junior board member of Twin Brooks Horse Show Association and also is a member of the Beaufort Hunt Club. She likes to write about topics that relate to different groups of people like opinionated stories and seasonal topics. She also enjoys being outside, camping, animals, and being around family.


Emily Games is a Junior year at CDHS. Her articles focus mostly on pop culture, movies, television, and video games. In her spare time you can find her scrolling through twitter or on her PS4.


Grace Staub is a Senior at Central Dauphin, is a total mom friend who loves puns and dad jokes. She’s a big comic nerd and loves to watch game playthroughs on YouTube since she does not own any consoles herself. Other than her nerd side, she loves to write, especially with fiction and adventures in past settings. She’s new to the journalism side, but she hopes everyone enjoys her stories!


Alyssa Carbaugh is a junior at Central Dauphin. She enjoys music, poetry, and wildlife. She prefers having a close knit group of friends rather than a large group.


Cheyenne Hilliard is a Junior at Central Dauphin High. She participates in club season volleyball and enjoys music and poetry (listening to and creating it). She enjoys writing about odd topics that most people don’t typically intend to read (deaf culture, mental health, etc.).


Logan Agostino is a Junior at Central Dauphin High School. He enjoys participating in several activities and programs such as CD Singers, Youth and Government, student council, CDHS tennis team, Four Diamonds, Boy scouts of America, Ellis and associates Lifeguarding and much more. Logan likes to write a even balance of opinion and factual based articles.


Madeline Cherry is a Senior at Central Dauphin High School. She enjoys swimming for the high school, being an Overall for her school’s Four Diamonds organization, and helping out as manager of the school’s wrestling team. Madeline likes to focus her writing on school related topics, and plans to also write about political issues.


Cassy Baker is a Junior here at Central Dauphin. She is a goalkeeper for the Central Dauphin Girls Soccer team. In her free time you can find her working out, writing, or watching netflix. She loves to write about sports, movies, and current “entertainment” news. Cassy plans on bringing you the most up to date, relevant and interesting stories.


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