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Pay For Play: College Athletes Should Be Paid

footballBy: Michael Payton

College football accounts for more than half of the money received to schools by athletics, and many athletes are wondering why they don’t get paid for their performances and all the money they make for the school. They can use the money, and they want it now.

Many people believe that college athletes should be paid since the revenue they help generate through playing accounts for more than half of the money acquired by schools.

College football is loved by many ages including the “older generation”. This generation, encompassing everyone older than 45, accounts for more than half of all of the television viewers in the U.S.

Collegiate athletes have been on video game covers and even on television. These players have done so much and yet, they can’t even be considered to get more money for their performance. What sense does that make? Compensation for time and efforts should be offered for those that deserve additional money.

Many of the most popular players get significant playing and screen time on air, as well as participating in interviews and additional services to the colleges for no extra compensation. There could be exceptions for the star players on the team. These players could be paid more, or even be the only players getting paid.

College athletes bring a significant amount of revenue to their schools and the NCAA. This isn’t something new. However, this has become a growing issue in past years. It is not just a money issue, but a structurally racial issue on many levels as well.

African Americans make up the majority of college athletes at the top levels in three major sports such as Men’s and Women’s Basketball and the upper FBS level of the NCAA, according to Travis Walton’s HuffPost article “Black Americans Support Paying College Athletes. White People? Not So Much.” These also happen to be the highest revenue generating sports in college athletics.

Sit back and just think about how big college sports has become and even years back how big it was. Race isn’t the only issue. Statistically, it plays a huge part in the reason why many people oppose the fact that college athletes should be getting paid.

Walton mentions in his article, “A majority 52% of black respondents are strongly or somewhat in favor of paying college athletes, while only 15% strongly or somewhat oppose the idea. Among white people, the numbers flip only 27% support paying those athletes, while 43% oppose it.”


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