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The Champ Offers Live Music, Up-And-Coming Artists

By Asher Brautigam

Underground music fans rejoice! Are you always looking for new music? Do you want to see bands live but none of the ones you listen to are playing in the Harrisburg area? Well if both of those questions speak to you, then there’s a solution to both problems!

The Champ is a relatively under appreciated venue in Lemoyne, Pa, about 15 miles away from the high school, which frequently features underground bands and artists that have unfortunately gone unnoticed by the public eye.

The venue has quite a large history of bands they’ve invited to play, and some notable acts that have played in just the last year are Tiny Moving Parts, Hawthorne Heights, Emarosa, and A Lot Like Birds.

If you’re aware of any of those bands you might have noticed something: all of them tend to fall into emo or post-hardcore musical stylings, which is definitely something worth pointing out. The Champ has up until recently only really invited bands who tend towards playing indie-rock, hard-rock, metal, or screamo music.

What’s also worth pointing out is that the venue has been making an effort lately to invite a greater variety of bands, more pop oriented stuff like Jule Vera or Wave Runner, and even had its first rap show, SKIPPA DA FLIPPA, play a gig.

If, however, you’re involved or interested in the genres listed above, it might be worth looking into the Champ and seeing who’s playing in the future. It’s a great way to discover new bands that you can see play close by.

I have used the venue to get into bands I wouldn’t normally have explored. For instance, last year I went to see Tiny Moving Parts after having been vaguely aware of them but never really paying them much mind.

When I saw they were playing, I instantly started prepping for the show by listening to their discography and checking out the band that was touring with them, Microwave. By the time the show actually came around I was more hyped for Microwave’s performance than I was Tiny Moving Parts’, but by going to the show I had discovered two phenomenal bands in the process.

I ended up repeating that same process fairly recently when I went to see Emarosa at the venue, and was more hyped for the band touring with them by the time the show came around, A Lot Like Birds.

The Champ is a great and snug place to discover and see new bands, It’s definitely one of Central Pennsylvania’s most underappreciated but special locales. You can find The Champ at either or 52 Rear Market St, Lemoyne, PA 17043.

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