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CD Football Honors Gold Star Moms

The Central Dauphin community came together on Friday, September 22nd, to support a special cause in honor of the families of fallen heroes. This event is known as the Gold Star Moms game, and this was the 3rd annual game that Central Dauphin has hosted.

The American Gold Star Mothers Incorporation is an organization dating back to 1928, where mothers and families of fallen soldiers gathered to support each other’s families as well as continue patriotic work.

Central Dauphin High School was the first high school to dedicate an entire game to the Gold Star organization. Players were picked based on their service hours, and they then got to select which soldier to play on behalf of. This year, fifteen gold star families were in attendance.

Back in the spring of 2015, the football coaches were contacted by a Gold Star Mom named Suzanne Sheaffer. She talked about a possible incorporation with the organization, and immediately the idea was accepted.

“Before she even finished explaining her idea I was hooked,” explained Coach Mac. “The Gold Star Mom game has been something really special for us. Having these very special people in our lives and connecting with the people was really something.”

Out of that conversation the idea was born. Fast forward a few months to October 2, 2015, and the first annual Gold Star Moms game was played against Harrisburg. The following year twenty-two players played in honor of a fallen soldier against Wilson for the second annual game.

This event succeeded and will continue to succeed in bringing the community together. The Gold Star organization’s unwavering support, endurance, and determination is an inspiration. We can all learn an important lesson that hard work and overcoming loss can lead to something powerful and important.

The support shown in the Gold Star Moms family has spread to Central Dauphin football, and the coaches don’t plan on ending the annual event any time soon. We can expect many more Gold Star games in the future. A great example has been set for not only the CD football players, but the rest of Central Dauphin High School as well.

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