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Streep Calls Out President, President Fires Back

By Mollie Owens

Meryl Streep has used her Golden Globes acceptance speech, on January 8th, to publicly diss president Donald Trump. Without stating his name, Streep expressed her disgust over his mockery of a disabled reporter.

The controversial speech has gained much attention, as Mr. Trump fired back with a series of tweets directed towards Streep, stating that she was “one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood.”

Listening to Streep’s speech, I could tell that she was not looking to please a crowd, but rather that she was speaking from the heart, not holding anything back. The speech was barely even political, and the uproar over it is entirely unnecessary. Central Dauphin High School student, Sophia Hiza, says “It was unexpected, yet powerful, and I think she really got her message across. We all have to become more aware of these types of issues regarding our president elect, even if what she was saying was true or not.”

Streep spoke of the irony of Hollywood being inhabited by a bunch of outsiders. She briefly elaborated on some prevalent issues in our country, “Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence.” The comments she made regarding Trump were brief, and I believe they were just used as evidence to get her point across on the bigger picture. All in all, it’s a free country and people can say whatever they want, just as Trump did when he took to Twitter to respond.

For those of you who are bothered by Streep’s comments regarding Donald Trump, are you also bothered by Trump’s tweets? It’s all a matter of opinion. Central Dauphin High School graduate and avid Trump supporter, Colin Davis, says “She has the right to speak out in anyway she wants, but at the same time, I didn’t feel it was appropriate for the event because we need to start unifying the nation. Since she is a role model, she should promote hope for the future of the United States of America.”

Sure, many were watching Streep give that powerful speech at the Golden Globes, and it may not have brought about positive feelings towards our president elect. But, if we are going to get anywhere as a nation, grow and learn to accept that he is our president, we must allow ourselves to not get caught up in all the controversy.

That being said, Meryl Streep had every right to say what she said, as did Donald Trump. My point is, letting the media, and the controversy and comments get to our heads and become so influential is when we lose touch with what is really important.

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