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Reese’s Pieces: Ten Questions With Mr. Reese

By Mollie Owens

Those who have had the opportunity to meet Mr. Reese know that he possesses an excellent ability to connect with students not just in the classroom, but in their personal lives as well. He spreads the concept that it’s important for teachers to focus on the overall well being of their students, as opposed to just their academic performance. In the series of questions below, we get a look at what shaped Mr. Reese into the teacher and person he is today.

Q1. What was your high school experience like?

A. “Academically, I thought it was very easy, which turned out to not be a good thing, as I felt less prepared for college then I should have been. However, it was fun, I played several sports, was involved in many different activities, I was in the band, and the chorus.”

Q2. What sports did you play?

  1. “I played baseball and basketball.”

Q3. Where did you attend college? What did you study?

  1. “I went to Penn State University main campus and studied kinesiology, or exercise science. I graduated from Penn State, but at the time did not have my teaching certification, so then I went back to East Stroudsburg University to get it.”

Q4. What led you to become a gym teacher? Was there a moment in your life that prompted that decision, or was it a number of things?

  1. “It was a number of things. I’ve always loved sports, and it was one of those situations where I thought to myself, I’m not very good at this stuff, but I actually know how to explain it to others.”

Q5. Why do you believe it’s important to connect with students and take an interest in their overall well being, as opposed to just their academic performance?

“There was a professor that I had at East Stroudsburg and he based his whole teaching philosophy off of building relationships with the students. He felt that if you could build those relationships, they’ll buy into whatever you say, and I had never heard that before. Well, here I am today going, this seems like a sound philosophy, so I did. I was like you know what I’m gonna start with that, I’m gonna build the relationships and see what else comes from it.”

Q6. What’s the best part about being a teacher at Central Dauphin High School?

  1. “Ultimately, I think it’s an excellent academic school, and I think it does prepare you for college. I have a lot of friends here, and I think the kids are great.”

Q7. How can teachers at Central Dauphin High School show students they care beyond just the academics without crossing the line?

  1. “Just take an interest in what they do on a daily basis. Little things like what they do outside of school or in the summer.”

Q8. If you could change one thing about your high school experience what would it be?

  1. “I wish I would have learned how to study. I didn’t know how to study, everything just came so easily that I didn’t try.”

Q9. What do you plan to accomplish within the next 10 years?

  1. “I guess be financially ready to retire, so I can stop doing this and go lay on a beach!”

Q10. What is one “word of advice” you would give the graduating class of 2017?

  1. “Understand your personal demons, but understand they do not need to be in control.”



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