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More Than A Good Chance: Indie Rapper Makes It Big

By Harry Padilla and Kaitlyn Repman

“I hear you have to sell it to snatch the grammy, Let’s make it so free and the bars so hard that there ain’t one gosh darn part you can’t tweet” is what Chance The rapper rapped in his verse on Kanye West’s intro song to his album of The Life Of Pablo. When Chance The Rapper released his third mixtape The Coloring Book for free, just like his past two mixtapes, the country shook like an earthquake.

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, also famously known as Chance The Rapper, is a very new music artist deriving from Chicago, Illinois. Growing up in a rough part of Chicago he was quite the teenager that had a knack for getting into trouble. When he was suspended from high school he found an outlet and to one of his first mixtapes, 10 Day.

On the mixtape he raps about everything that he has gone through through his unique wordplay. On his release of 10 Day he grew quite a fan base but never really blew up in the industry just yet, but with his tenacious attitude he persevered. In 2013 Chance released his second mixtape, Acid Rap.

After his second mixtape was released, Chance the Rapper was put out on the map. More and more people started listening to him, and now “Chance the Rapper” has become a well-known name worldwide.

This third mixtape, Coloring Book, has secured him a spot in today’s music industry, even though he refuses to be signed by a label.

Kanye West, a friend of Chance, Celebrated the Coloring Book release by tweeting: “My brother Chance!!! Thank you for letting me work on this masterpiece. One of my favorite people.”

He’s an independent artist who is succeeding without selling a single song, and many other artists can learn from him. Like many rappers in the music industry each individual has their own beliefs and like to express their feelings on the world through their music. Chance is a strong believer in making music and giving it to his audience for free.

Chance recently announced his Spring 2017 Tour, which takes off in San Diego on April 24th. Aside from making his music free and easily accessible, Chance made a promise to his fans to keep his tickets cheap. You can buy a Chance The Rapper Ticket, with a good view, under $100. This is rare today, as many popular artists will sell reasonable seats for hundreds of dollars.

Many people think that the point to become a rapper is to make money and fame, Chance has other feelings in regard of that. Chance did something that no one has ever done before, and that was to win a Grammy without ever selling any music. In fact he won three Grammys, one for best rap performance, best new artist, and best rap album. Chance The Rapper is just getting started and is continuing his career, all while promising to keep his songs free.

Chance The Rapper has recently donated 1 million dollars to public schools in Chicago. A man with such a kind spirit and amazing talent has been a gift to the music industry.

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