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Money Or Satisfaction? What Should You Prioritize When Choosing A Career?

By William Hennig

Students of today are far too worried about money being in their future than happiness. They go into careers that only offer huge salaries, not what they are interested in. This is a huge deterrent to happiness and well-being in their future. This obsession with economic stability is altogether only leading to the decrease of the nation’s mental health. This country should stress the importance of happiness and individual passion rather than the importance of money.

Many students today are talking about how money is their only motivation. This is a horrible way of thinking, and it must be stopped immediately. Although it does yield results in motivating students, on there is an article that says one of the best ways to motivate students is money. They argue that this is a good way of motivating students because students love ‘things’.  They argue that our society is inherently materialistic, and that is good to teach the developing minds of students. They are saying it’s a good thing because they are perpetuating this belief.

This is a travesty. Teachers are telling us that in order to be happy we must make a lot of money in order to buy nice things. Obviously this teaching and belief cannot go on. The youth of today are already tainted with this belief. They believe their future happiness lives in their materialistic possessions.

Two Princeton professors, economist Alan B. Krueger, and psychologist and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman, stated this when speaking about money: Despite the weak relationship between income and global life satisfaction or experienced happiness, many people are highly motivated to increase their income. In some cases, this focusing illusion may lead to a misallocation of time.”

They are saying that people with more money are not necessarily happier. This means that you should follow your passions. In our society it is looked down upon to follow your dreams if it does not include a luxurious life full of wealth. People would be happier overall if they go against this societal ideal, and worked towards what makes them happy instead.

The well known French proverb says it best, “Money is a good servant, but bad master.” If it controls a person’s life it will only lead to their unhappiness.


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