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Destroy The Hate Event Culminates A Year Of Coming Together For The CD Community

By Kaitlyn Repman

This school year at Central Dauphin has been big on spreading love and “destroying hate”, and now the Destroy The Hate Campaign is hosting an event to share stories with the staff.

I’m sure many students have heard about the Destroy the Hate Campaign around school. Placed around the school are posters supporting this campaign, in a way to welcome students to the meetings and show people that their voices can be heard as well. This campaign started at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, after an incident dealing with a racial slur happened shortly before.

A twelfth grade student, Olivia Smith, is apart of this organization, and this is how she described it: “We are an organization dedicated to promoting equality for all individuals and educate the school about prejudice and discrimination. We welcome all individuals to the forums to tell us their opinions, to hear each other’s sides on social issues plaguing the school and United States.”

This campaign has brought many students together and has created friendships as they bond over similar stories, and have found a place to express themselves no judgment. Destroy the Hate is centered around stories of the challenges students face based on who they are, whether it involves race, gender, sexuality, etc.

Now in May a large event will be hosted so that the staff will have a chance to hear the stories of these courageous students. The stories will be kept anonymous and will be read aloud by volunteer actors. The series of monologues will let the teachers understand what the students have experienced, and to shine a light on any issues that may exist at Central Dauphin.

Lauralee Adrien, a junior at Central Dauphin High School, is participating in the forum and submitted her own story. This is her opinion about the forum: “There is grave importance in students sharing their experiences in regard to any type of injustice they’ve faced because I think that not many people realize just how close to home a lot of the discriminatory actions we hear about are.

We hear about horribly racist, misogynistic or homophobic accounts on social media and the news, but we don’t realize our fellow students have dealt with similar circumstances. Bringing to light these issues helps combat their prevalence in our community and aid students in understanding that their experiences, no matter how minor, are valid and so are they.”

If you are interested in sharing your story or thoughts at the event, you can submit your story through the Destroy the Hate Tumblr:

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