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Baylor Scandal May Earn Program “Death Penalty”

By Owen Newkam-Ulrich

Baylor University has been under fire recently after being charged with many sexual assault cases.

Baylor had a case appear in 2016 that ended up causing more than they had expected. Instead of what they thought was a couple cases turned out to be over a hundred total cases involving 30 or more players for the Baylor football team.

From 2012-2016, three major cases were charged on Baylor football. But since then, many people have come out and approached the school about being assaulted by football players at the school.  

Before the 2016 season, Baylor was still being investigated for assault cases and with new information coming in, head coach Art Briles was fired. The school was in hot water with their students and their fans. Many supporters wanted Briles back and thought this was wrong. A drive was started to get Briles back as head coach but failed as the university kept their stance. At a home game vs TCU, pro-Briles shirts were sold at the game. Briles was later replaced by Ian McCaw as head coach.

In the summer, a Title IX case was filed against the university. During October, the Title IX coordinator Patty Crawford stepped down as she believed she wasn’t doing enough for the university. The United States Department of Education would begin a Title IX investigation into the cases.

During this season, reports started making the case worse than it already was before. In The Wall Street Journal, a piece was written that 17 women had asserted 19 football players that were involved.

In 2017, the university had found out that 31 football players had committed 52 rapes in the previous years. The report says that Baylor coaching put into effect a “Show ‘em a good time” policy, which allowed things to get out of hand, such as players arranging to have women, alcohol, and illegal drugs at parties attended by recruits. Recruits were taken to parties, strip clubs, and bars. At the off campus parties is where the alleged incidents took place. Over a hundred reports have been linked to this investigation.

Many people started to believe that this needed a death penalty written all over it. Well known college football analysts Lee Corso and Paul Finebaum called for Baylor to discontinue the rest of the 2016 season. But that was just the beginning. Well-known sports analyst Stephen A. Smith had an opinion about this scandal. “There have been 125 reports of sexual assault or harassment at Baylor from 2011 to 2015, with the former Title IX coordinator swearing the number may actually be higher. This screams death penalty! All that needs to be done is for every parent in the United State of America to stand up,speak loudly, collectively, and say there’s no way…my daughter is ever going to Baylor. In the end, that’s death in itself.”

Baylor is a different school and will be looked at differently because of this issue.

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