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All About Prom, CD 2017

By Brooke Steach

Prom season is slowly approaching, believe it or not, Central Dauphin! It’s almost that time of year to get asked by that special date, go out and find the perfect dress, and figure out your special prom night arrangements. For some students, Prom isn’t anything special. For others, it’s that one magical night you’ll never ever forget.

Central Dauphin’s Prom will be held on May 5th, 2017 at the Raddison Hotel, located in Camp Hill. There is some controversy with students who also want to attend Bishop McDevitt’s prom, the same day. Both school boards have not released any information on switching the dates of their prom yet. If any students attending want to attend both schools Prom, I would suggest either picking one, or leaving one a little bit early.

Junior, Kelsey Keen was planning on attending both proms this year, until she found out they are the same date. Kelsey had a lot to say about both school board’s decisions,

“I’m going to McDevitt’s prom, so I have to miss CD’s this year, and not be with any of my friends. I figured next year if this happens again I would want to come to CD’s for my senior prom, but I didn’t really want to miss it this year either but I had to pick. I don’t think the school boards will change their decisions on the date, since it is already placed and set.”

Another possible issue with Central Dauphin and Bishop McDevitt’s prom being the same day could be all the girls scheduling their hair, and makeup appointments. There are not that many high quality salons in Central PA, so girls will be scrambling everywhere to find that perfect appointment. 

Now to the main question to Central Dauphin students, Is prom really worth it? Spending money on a dress, tuxedo, shoes, hair, makeup, tie, shirt, corsage, nails, tickets, and transportation for just one night? What if you have the perfect everything, and your night gets ruined by one little thing? Maybe your date spills your soda on your $500 Sherri Hill dress, or your tuxedo doesn’t come in on time for the big dance. Is all the stress really worth it for one night?

Finding that perfect dress, or that perfect tuxedo to match can be the hardest part about prom itself. Prices for dresses and tuxedo’s are going up every year, and many students have a tight budget of how much they want to spend. Is saving up all your money for a dress you’ll wear once worth it?

Think about this when you go out prom shopping, Central Dauphin. There are many contributions that go towards just one night. Expenses can be tight, but in my opinion it is definitely worth it for one night you will never get back in your life! Have fun and good luck students!

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