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Yoc-ing Around: An Interview With Mr. Yocum

By Booth Heshler

For this profile story I had interviewed Mr. Yocum. I wanted to know what drove him to teach and why he does what he does.  So I asked him some questions and these are the responses he gave me.

What moved you to teach?

“I realized in high school that my career as an Olympic sprinter wasn’t gonna work out because that used to be fast and then I lost my “s”.”

What college did you attend?

“Bloomsburg University also known as the Hartford to Pennsylvania.”

Who was your greatest influence?

“My greatest influence was the Dhali Lama I often look to him for guidance. I also didn’t want to be like some of my loser friends working at the pizza shop.”

Why do you teach?

“I like helping young people understand new things.”

Favorite subject growing up?

“I really enjoyed meteorology when I was in college.”

What is one of your weaknesses, and how are you working to improve it?

“My jokes are starting to become stale, I try to work on new material by listening to Jimmy Fallon.”

What interests do you pursue outside of the classroom?

“I really enjoy working on my own car doing repairs around the house and recently I just receive my HVAC certification. That’s true”

When did you decide to become a teacher, and why did you choose this field?

“I decided to become a teacher while I was in college. After I met who would become my wife, we both wanted to work young people and have a similar schedule.”

Describe your teaching style.”Edutainment…. I try to give very relevant and concrete examples to students to help them understand. A little humor helps to keep students engaged”

Describe your planning process for a major project or unit. “I first try to break down the topics and put them in order that makes logical sense in the learning process. I think about relevant examples that I will use to help students understand the concepts.  I also decide how to evaluate students learning.”

As you can see Mr. Yocum works very hard and takes pride in what he does. That’s why I interviewed him. I wanted to show people that do not have him as a teacher what he does.


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