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Who Cares About Headphones: The iPhone 7 Still Dazzles

By Luke Weldon

Over the past Thanksgiving break I recently purchased the new iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 has some new features including no headphone jack, you can dunk the new iPhones in water, and the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus can perform all sorts of magic tricks. Not to mention there is a slick new color the phone comes in.

The new iPhone 7 offers some distinct new changes including getting rid of the headphone jack. You now plug in your headphones where you would plug in your charger. This new feature is nice because it makes it harder for your phone to become disconnected from the headphones causing it to fall.

Another new feature, which in my opinion is helpful, is the new iPhone is now water resistant. It’s not fully waterproof, which would be nicer, but it is resistant which could be helpful. You never know when you may spill something, and this new feature could become a lifesaver.

The home button on the iPhone 7, although seems like the same home button on the iPhone 6, is quite different too. The new home button is solid. It no longer moves and Apple has a linear vibration unit that it calls the Taptic Engine. It jolts when you apply pressure to the button, tricking your brain into feeling a click. The new designs make the phone sleeker in my opinion.

The camera on the iPhone 7 is upgraded from all of the iPhones in the past. The newer camera presents better quality for your pictures you take. It’s a nice new feature that isn’t too important, but is nice to have.

The iPhone 7 was installed with a new fusion chip which none of the others have. The reason this chip is important in the new iPhone is because it helps protect the battery life of the iPhone 7. Yes, the iPhone 7 comes with a better battery life than the other iphones, and who wouldn’t want a longer battery life on their phone?

The design of the iPhone 7 is somewhat similar to that of the iPhone 6. The 7’s camera is a bit different, and it doesn’t have a headphone jack like the previous ones. The 7 comes in black, jet black, silver, gold, and rose. All of the colors look very sleek and the new iPhones look great. More could’ve been done on changing the design of the phone but I like how it looks and works now.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your iPhone this winter or change from another phone carrier, I would highly recommend the new iPhone 7. From the sleek design, updated camera, and new headphone jack, the new iPhone gets a 4.8/5 on my scale.

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1 Comment on Who Cares About Headphones: The iPhone 7 Still Dazzles

  1. I think that Apple is making compatibility too complicated. Their Macs have USB-C and a headphone port but their iPhones have a Lightning connector. If Apple made their iPhones with USB-C that would be better.


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