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We Are Poisoning Our Planet To Bottle The World’s Most Abundant Substance

By Megan Herigan

Bottled water is sold all around the world. Examples would be convenient stores, grocery stores, and gas stations, but many people still question if drinking bottled water is good for you.

Some people say that bottled water such as Deer Park and expensive water such as Fiji water is City tap water. Others believe that even if the water is city tap it’s still good for you because it contains fluoride and fluoride is good for your teeth.

Over 60 million water bottles are thrown away each day in just the United States and only roughly 6% of the bottles get recycled each year.

The plastic bottles do contain Bisphenol (BPA) which is a chemical used to stabilize the epoxy resins in plastic bottles or keep the plastic bottles from cracking. It’s important to know about BPA in water especially because when a water bottle is exposed to heat, which causes bad estrogen, it’s known to cause cancer such as breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer.

BPA has also been known to harm fetuses, infants, and children’s brains. BPA can also cause behavior problems in young children.

If you want to avoid any of these problems many doctors recommend people ditching the water bottle all together and use an aluminum or metal cup.

The question still to be answered is whether or not bottled water is better than tap water. The honest truth is they are both good to drink, but you shouldn’t drink tap water unless it is filtered. If tap water is not filtered you are risking your chance of contamination of metals, chemicals, bacteria, and other harmful unknown substances.

Ways to filter your water include reverse osmosis, ionized water machines, and distilled water. Reverse osmosis is the most popular way of doing this, it removes minerals that need to be replaced to avoid loss of minerals due to leaching. Ionized water machines need to be careful when you use them. This boast the alkalinity level in water to restore PH. Distilled water is a form of getting rid of the toxins by boiling water.

The safest way of drinking water would be to get bottled water, but do not drink out of the water bottle, use a different cup.

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