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University Of Pittsburgh Offers Unique Opportunities In Education And Entertainment

By Mollie Owens 

The University of Pittsburgh, commonly referred to as “Pitt,” is located in the heart of downtown Oakland, Pennsylvania, booming with opportunities and experiences you just can’t find anywhere else. After touring the campus, grabbing a bite to eat at Stack’d- a burger joint popular among students-, and taking a walk through breathtaking Three Rivers Park, I can say with confidence, the University of Pittsburgh is one of best colleges the nation has to offer.

Pitt has the potential to deliver the ultimate city-college experience. With Pittsburgh being one of America’s most lovable cities, there are no barriers between your education and the extraordinary networking opportunities presented in this iconic city. There are so many new experiences that are available to Pitt students, it’s almost impossible to find yourself bored in such an authentic place. You can visit the Warhol Museum, grab international food in the Strip District, or even catch live music on the South Side.

One of my most memorable food experiences on the Pitt campus was my trip to Stack’d, a unique pub for burgers and flat screen TV’s to catch every game. Although the atmosphere of the restaurant oozed with Pitt pride, it wasn’t exactly your typical sports bar. Stack’d offers a creative way to ensure you get the most personalized burger or sandwich, by letting you check off exactly what you want on your burger from a paper menu. You can mix and match from their huge selection of bread, meat, toppings and sauces, making over 500,000 unique burger combinations.. Stack’d is a true gem to the city and a must for any student at Pitt who wants to catch the big game while enjoying a mouth-watering burger and fries.

Aside from all the delicious food, adventurous activities throughout the city, and big opportunities, when you look at the numbers, Pitt really is an incredible school. The university ranks among the top 100 in the world. It is the top rated college in America to study health professions, and ranks fourth among all U.S. public research institutions. The College of Business Administration ranks among the top 25 public undergraduate programs in Bloomberg Businessweek and U.S. News & World Report.

But it doesn’t stop there. The students and alumni of Pitt are what really make it stand out. Pitt alumni have won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Prize in Medicine, the Pulitzer Prize, the Fritz medal in engineering, and dozens more extraordinary honors.

University of Pittsburgh alum, Katy Demko, says that “The education at Pitt is unlike any other institution. My teachers supported me and worked with me to help me find study habits individualized to me. No matter who you are or who you want to be, Pitt will help you find your passion. There are hundreds of different organizations full of people who share similar hobbies, and plenty of clubs for when you want to try something new. I am, and always will be, a part of a University that is constantly making strides in every field.”

After my visit to the University of Pittsburgh, and through careful research, I had just one question left to ask. How could anyone want to go anywhere else?

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