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President Trump Stirs Controversy With Cabinet Appointments

By William Hennig

Donald Trump has won the Presidency, and his cabinet appointments are exactly who you would expect from a man that generates unprecedented levels of controversy. The names of the appointed are Donald McGahn II, Michael T. Flynn, Reince Priebus, and Stephen K. Bannon. While some may ring a bell, there are certainly others on this list that Americans have not heard of before.

Aside from the ones aforementioned, there are more names on an extensive list that still requires senate confirmation. Some people on that list are Rex W. Tillerson for Secretary of State, Ben Carson for Secretary of Urban Housing and Development, and Scott Pruitt for Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Stephen K. Bannon is the executive chairman of Breitbart News, the crusading right-wing populist website that’s a lineal descendant of the Drudge Report. This move has moved many democrats to accuse Trump of embracing the “alt right,” an ideology closely associated with white nationalism, anti-Semitism, and misogyny. This man is more aligned to Trump’s controversial remarks, rather than the Republican establishment.

Reince Priebus however is more closely tied to the Republican National Committee seeing as he was the Chairman of it. This move has eased many concerns of Republicans who are unsure of the Trump White House. A spokesman for Paul Ryan said he was pleased with this decision

“The speaker is very happy for his friend and ready to get to work,” said Doug Andres, his spokesman.

Scott Pruitt is ready to be appointed to the Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency. Currently he is in the middle of a lawsuit with the agency. He is a friend of the fossil fuel industry and has gotten into environmental trouble many times before. There are many environmental advocates out there who are greatly worried because of this.

“Scott Pruitt running the EPA is like the fox guarding the hen house,” League of Conservation Voters’ president Gene Karpinski said in a statement.

Rex Tillerson is the CEO of ExxonMobil currently and is planning on being appointed to the Secretary of State position. This man has had no prior experience in foreign affairs, and his closest relationship is one with Vladimir Putin and Russia. There are Republicans and Democrats alike enraged by this appointment.

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