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Pay To Play? College Football Players’ Scholarships Are Enough

By Luke Weldon

College football, basketball, and many other sports bring in copious amounts of revenue to universities all over the country, but should the athletes be paid for playing?

It’s a huge question that sparks debates around the nation as many people are on opposite sides. You will hear the arguments along the lines of these athletes are putting their bodies on the line and should be rewarded for it. However, you also hear the other side pointing out the fact that many of these athletes go to college with tuition being paid.

College athletes should not be paid for playing their sport on the collegiate level. Young collegiate athletes already receive great benefits by doing what it is they are already doing.

For instance, many college athletes are offered full-ride scholarships in trade for their participation in sports. To receive free tuition could save a college athlete several thousand dollars, in which other students struggle to pay off.

“I believe receiving free tuition and essentially free education is enough for student athletes, to pay them anymore would just be too much and could cause some issues,” says Central Dauphin High School athlete Braydon Parr.

Another issue about paying college athletes is the amount they are being paid. The D1 five star recruit that leads the team to the promise land could make $100,000 a year, while the hard working bench player is making little to nothing. This could impact the morale around many of the teams across the nation. In my opinion this would also give well known colleges like Alabama, Ohio State, Duke, Kentucky, and LSU an incredible advantage in terms of money to spend.

“To decide what one player on the team would make while what another would could cause some real issues inside the locker room and along the campus of the non athlete students as they see their peers not only receiving a free tuition but money too.” Four Chapman, Central Dauphin football coach said.

The question of whether college athletes should be paid is a very hot topic around the nation and as you can see there are ups and downs for both sides of the argument, but I am strongly for the athletes not being paid on the collegiate level.

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