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Have a Holly, Kelly Christmas

By Harry Padilla

Being a fan of the R&B artist R. Kelly, I can truly say I was excited for his new album to be released called 12 Nights of Christmas. I’m excited for two reasons. Christmas is just a magical time for friends, family, and good times, and for R. Kelly to release his first holiday based album is just awesome.

After listening to the album, it is definitely a fairly original piece. Having it based on Christmas, you have to expect some flows of the songs to sound “Christmassy” but that’s okay because R. Kelly simply puts his magic into the album.

With R. Kelly making a tremendous album for the first time in six years, he’s practically making a statement that he still got it. Personally having heard many songs, albums, and mix-tapes, I can say this album has something that can be called pizzaz. It’s easily noticeable that he worked long and extremely hard to hit every note correctly. He put his heart and soul into his album.

Just because someone put their heart and soul into something doesn’t make it perfect. There are flaws on 12 Nights of Christmas, but that is expected from any artist that releases a new product. It lacked Christmas joy that people usually hear during that time. You would think the songs would be more joyous, exciting, and concentrate on family times.

We should all remember what R. Kelly sings often about, so those family times are specifically for the parents’ alone time. It is understandable because the holidays can be so stressful, but once the album is playing those stressful times are forgotten and you both become one.

As a whole, the album isn’t made for everyone, his audience has dropped down dramatically and it’s clear that this might not make him any money in the end. He could have been more open minded since this is his first album in a long time, and would have expected more than another “Making love special.”

Kelly’s 12 Nights of Christmas is definitely a creative music piece and is recommended for an mature crowd. Joyous times will be brought to the party or if it’s just for hanging Christmas decorations around the house; it could even be for baking with the family. This album is tremendous for parents.


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