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Enjoy The Grill At Sizzle-N-Chill

By Vincenzo Pugliese

Central Pennsylvania contains the capital of the state, historic museums, lots of farmland, and some great burger joints. West Hanover Township is now home to a fresh, new, family-owned restaurant. People from all over the Harrisburg area are flocking to the phenomena to see what all the buzz is about.

The history of the business is what gives it the wonderful features that will be mentioned in this article. The owner is Nicholas Atanasoff, a 26 year old entrepreneur. In high school, he quarterbacked for Lower Dauphin High School. He excels at the restaurant industry just as he did as a varsity athlete. His father Theodore has been successful in the food industry his whole life. He took over his family’s Hummelstown restaurant when he was very young, and even had his own food company called Theo’s foods, which made pizza, stromboli, and many other foods. Their mix of expertise and hard work has created a wonderful experience.

When it comes to making a good burger place, the appearance of the restaurant is not generally all that important. The Sizzle-N-Chill is a blue and red painted building right off route 22. The huge sign is immediately eye-catching. Walking into the building, there are many blue booths and tables all around the central area of the building. Straight ahead is a register with a red countertop, that wraps in front of the kitchen, where the owner stands ready to take your food order. To the right is a blue countertop with spinning seats where you can sit and enjoy dessert. Behind the ice cream bar counter, are ice cream machines, blenders, syrups, and all the ingredients to make the dessert items. The 60’s style is remarkable.

The music is something that is instantly noticeable. The sound of The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Beatles, and many more gives a nice finish to the classic 60’s vibe of the place. Some days they even change it up, and play some 70s and 80s rock music. During Christmas time, the music shifts focus to that as well. Not too many places succeed in producing a quality throwback experience like the Sizzle-N-Chill. The scenery is important, but the food is what really makes the place special.

Hot food at the Sizzle-N-Chill includes fresh burgers, large servings of their unique fries, homemade soup made from scratch, subs, and many other fried items including mushrooms and mozzarella sticks. While they offer a simple cheeseburger and hamburger, their specials are very interesting. Their smokehouse cheeseburger includes onion rings and BBQ sauce with cheese, and their signature big juicy has their secret sauce. The soup is made from scratch by the owner’s father, and always includes chile soup and chicken corn noodle, along with that weeks special soup.

If you are interested in dessert, the Sizzle-N-Chill should be a destination on your list. They specialize in ice cream items, and homemade pie. Milkshakes are the most commonly purchased item there, although their sundaes never disappoint. A couple interesting ones are the glazed donut sundae, and the brownie sundae. They also offer a candy-ice cream mixture called an avalanche, that can be purchased with M&M’s, oreo, butterfinger, peanut butter cups, or cookie dough.

The staff of the Sizzle-N-Chill is always friendly and make it a point to have strong customer service. The fact that the restaurant is family owned is immediately noticeable. The owner generally will be the first to meet with you when you come in, and will personally  take your order. On the ice cream side, there are high school students who have wonderfully cheerful personalities and vibrant customer service abilities. Should the owner’s father be there, he would be glad to check on you and make sure your experience was great.

In all, the Sizzle-N-Chill is a clean, fun, and successful mastery of the 1960s burger joint. The food is wonderful, and finished off with great dessert. The scenery is impeccable, and clean. The staff is full of cheerful workers who personalize your experience. The Sizzle-N-Chill is a mastery of the classic 60s burger joint.

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