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Black Lives Matter/Police Must Strive To Hear Each Other’s Voices

By Deandre Little

The controversial “Black Lives Matter” movement has brought African Americans and other races together to protest the repetitive police shootings of unarmed black civilians.

These protesters are gathering in mass numbers across the country. Some of these protest are peaceful and consist of communication such as police officers talking and interacting with “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) protesters. Other protests have broken out into riots and lootings. This is not going to accomplish anything. We need these people to go out in their communities and peacefully speak to police officers and inform these people in power what we need from them and what we’re concerned of. On the other end of the spectrum; if these people in power such as government and officer officials don’t take appropriate action, people will begin to feel as if their voices are not being heard and in turn rise up.

America is home to a very diverse nation, we need to come together in frustrating times like these to exceed our struggles. African Americans and women are very familiar to oppression in this country’s past. We have come a long way in terms of being able to vote and go to the same schools as caucasians, but that’s not enough for us. We want to be perceived like everyone else in this country and receive the same treatment. We don’t want to be stopped on the highway because we’re black and driving a nice car. We want to feel safe when we see a patrol unit turn the corner into our neighborhood, not frightened. We as civilians, black, white, or brown are obligated to comply when given instructions by an officer, but recently that hasn’t prevented us from still being shot.

Almost every school in our nation has been issued at least one school cop to patrol the school and make sure everyone is safe. I spoke to my high school police officer, Officer Goletti, and he had some very interesting things to say about the topic: “In some of these shootings the police are doing what they were trained to do and unfortunately the media gets ahold of the story and blows out proportion; before all the facts are gathered people form opinions and accuse the police when in fact nine times out of ten they acted properly.

However there are some police officers out there who probably are doing the job for the wrong reasons and should not be able to wear the badge. They’re in it for the wrong reasons, they weren’t trained properly, and take advantage of their position in power. They do bad things. I think as a police officer and police officers in general need to gain the public’s trust back and make them feel safe again, the only way to do that is by doing good police work.”

Goletti also shared how many jobs have been opening up in the police force lately do to the bad reputation they get. This in turn is causing officer employers to lower their standards for eligibility to fill these positions.

You can’t just throw anyone a badge and uniform and call them a police officer, and we need to start raising the standards for the people who should be protecting us. The police need start by taking the time to earn our trust back show us they are here for our safety and their job is to make sure every one of us gets home safely. Once the people feel as though we can trust police again, then slowly but surely we can all come together and just live in peace. If you break the law, you deserved to be punished, but you should not have your life taken because an officer believed he/she saw a gun or suspected illegal activity.

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