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A Giant Secret: A Hidden Gem Awaits Central PA Ice Skaters At The Giant Center

By Delaney Mitchell

Most people have gone ice skating at least once in their life. Some people, like myself, go quite often. There is one big rink around nearly every city, but it is always exciting to try some place new. I went to the Giant Center, where they hold AHL games, over the weekend to ice skate.

Not many people are in the know about the opportunity for the public to skate in the rink at the Giant Center. Because not many people are aware of this, I avoided the crowded rink that you get when you go to the basic public skate rink. Whenever you go to the well-known rinks in the area you constantly have to worry about running into people and people around you falling. The people at the Giant Center all could skate well and there were less people.

The rink was also larger in size, which gave the skaters a bigger place to skate. A lot of times people get irritated with skating in a small circle and want to leave sooner and don’t get their money’s worth. At the Giant Center, the rink is bigger so the straight aways are longer and the curves are also bigger. There is more room in the center for people who are figure skaters and want to practice their spins and tricks.

Because this rink is used for professional hockey games, the ice was kept in very good condition. Public ice-skating rinks have very rough ice due to the fact that people who are just there to have fun are constantly skating on it. The smooth ice made for a very smooth ride throughout the rink, making it more fun for those who were there.

Going to the rink and knowing that it was used for professional hockey games, I assumed that the prices would be very high.  To my surprise, when we arrived it was only seven dollars to skate for two hours, just like it is at a public skating rinks. This made it even more enjoyable to those who were there.

The people that were there working on the ice were hershey employees and all very kind and welcoming.

Another thing that I was expecting was for it to just be skating around and not have any entertainment besides that. To my surprise, when I arrived they had holiday music playing for people to listen to while they skate.

Overall,  my experience of ice-skating at the Giant Center rink was very enjoyable and a great time all around. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who enjoys ice-skating or anyone in general if you want something fun for them to do with their family or friends.  

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