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The NCAA Playoffs Are Already Broken

by Ryan Elliott

The College Football Playoff was just put in over a year ago, but change is already needed. While the new playoff system is an upgrade over the former and traditional BCS system, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

The BCS used to have a computer system determine the two best teams in the country. A team’s record, strength of schedule, margin of victory, ranked wins, and countless other statistics all were taken into consideration. Then, two teams would be selected to play for the National Championship.          

As you could expect, lots of controversy and disagreements ensued over the selection of the two teams. Sometimes, undefeated teams would not get in the Championship games, while teams with a loss made it in. To change this, college football switched to the College Football Playoff.

In the CFP, a committee of experts select the top four teams in the country to compete for the National Title. The first seed plays the fourth seed, and the second and third seed play each other. The two winners go head to head to the title. While this is an upgrade to the BCS, it is still unfair to a few teams who have just as good seasons’ but do not make it in the playoff.

This season, Iowa and Ohio State both won all of their games besides last-second losses to Michigan State, who is the 3rd seed in the playoff. Fans are upset because Alabama and Oklahoma both made it in the playoff, despite also having one loss. Neither loss was to a team as good as Michigan State.

More confusion would have occurred had the 10th ranked Tar Heels, with only one loss and a weak strength of schedule, beaten the undefeated and 1st ranked Clemson Tigers. Then, the committee would have had to pick one of five to six possible teams, each with one loss to make the playoff.

To fix this problem now, college football should expand to an eight team playoff. This will make more money for the schools and NCAA, while having all of the clear-cut top teams competing for a championship. Instead of a few high-caliber teams left out of the playoff, like the 5th, 6th and 7th ranked teams, it would be a less deserving teams ranked 9th and 10th.
Student and college football enthusiast Zach Hoffman said, “For the sake of the fans, schools, and NCAA, an eight team playoff is an upgrade to the current system.”

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