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Manning Up: Peyton Fights Injury Through Super Bowl Run

by Mike Betz

One of the best Quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL goes by the name of Peyton Manning. As his career pushes forward, injuries have taken a toll on the future Hall of Famer.

This 2015-2016 season has been a roller coaster for Manning. Only participating in 10 games due to a foot injury, the prolific QB still has a whopping 17 interceptions. Adding on to that, he only has a 67.6 QB rating.

All bad things aside, Manning has broken Brett Favre’s record for all-time passing yards. In the same game that he broke that record, he also got benched for throwing 4 interceptions and getting hurt a bit.

The Bronco’s recently have been presented with a new quarterback to fill in the roll, Brock Osweiler. And out of all things, he managed to pull off the upset over the undefeated New England Patriots (at the time).

According to, Osweiler thanked his career-highlight win to Manning himself. He gave the younger QB great halftime tips and adjustments to take into account. In the second half, Osweiler came out strong and helped the Broncos move right past the Patriots.

Ever since the rumors have arisen of Osweiler getting the start for the rest of the year. This left everyone in question for what the future of Peyton Manning is.

When Athan Graham, a Central Dauphin student, was asked their opinion on the whole Manning deal, he said, “To be or not to be”.

Many thought that throughout the rest of the season we could expect to see Osweiler in at the starting position. But the resurrection of Manning and an entirely unexpected run to the Super Bowl has many wondering if the future Hall of Famer has some gas left in the tank.

Will he or won’t he win the big game again? Will he or won’t he retire? For now, no one truly knows where the legend Peyton Manning is headed in his career.

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1 Comment on Manning Up: Peyton Fights Injury Through Super Bowl Run

  1. Reid albright // January 28, 2016 at 4:18 pm // Reply

    Such an inspiring story love the cliff hanger at the end. Two thumbs up


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