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Maggie Doyne, CNN’s Hero of the Year

by Isabel Rosales

The majority of the time the public will praise celebrities for their selfless acts of kindness by donating thousands, even millions, of dollars to charities and foundations. But what about those who go unknown, the faces that we do not see on the the cover of People?

Maggie Doyne is an American philanthropist, who saved up her babysitting money to established  an orphanage and school in the Kopila Valley of Nepal. Her altruistic act changed the lives of many Nepalese women and children (CNN).

Her dedication to this project began as she set off on her backpacking trip ten years ago that evolved into a long term devotion to improving the country’s poverty. When she first embarked on her trip to travel the world before college she lived in a Buddhist monastery, helped to fix a sea wall in Fiji, and finally ended in India helping Nepalese refugees.

Spending a total of $5000 of her own money that she saved over the years, she bought land and built the Kopila Valley Primary School and Women’s Center.

Huffington Post stated that Doyne simply thought that she was taking a gap year after high school to take some time and explore the world before college took over her time. She was inspired to do this kind of work when she met a young girl, Hima.

Doyne first discovered Hima sitting next to the road smashing rocks in order to sell them and make some money for her family. She was so touched by the hard work the little girl did to provide for her family that Doyne called her parents to wire money she had saved and convinced Hima’s parents to allow her to go to school.

However, her selfless acts of kindness didn’t stop after helping Hima, now most children in that valley attend school and can obtain a basic education.  

However, In the end result Doyne’s actions did not go unacknowledged when she was named CNN’s 2015 Hero of the Year, also known as the Peabody Award. This gratitude recognizes praiseworthy public service. She was in disbelief when she received her award stating, “If you had told me when I turned 18 that I was going to be the mom of 50 kids, I would have told you that you were totally crazy. And I am. And to my kids, I love you so much. Don’t ever forget how much I love you.”
This award further proves to show that outstanding acts of kindness such as this one will not go unnoticed.

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