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Hope Springs Eternal: Life as an Eagles’ Fan

by Avery Drake

Being an Eagles fan is always tough, but this season might be too much for some.

As of week 12 the Eagles are 4-7 with 3 straight losses to teams with losing records. This would be tough for any football team, but as it is known, Eagles fans are a special defined group that do not seem to be liked by any other fan group in the NFL. This can be because of how die-hard the fans are and the way they always keep their optimism.

Due to recent changes in the Eagles head coach department things have not been all smooth sailing. Chip Kelly has taken over for Andy Reid, who ended his eagles career with the best overall record in the NFC East, has big shoes to fill and so far is not. Although he earned an over 500 record (24-19) it is not what is expected. A Central Dauphin senior, Tyshawn White, said, “Chip entered the team and was given the key to the city. With this said he had the GM fired and had almost a full roster change. You can’t give someone that much power within 2 years of being there.” With all this power and views of his dream plan, things slowly crumbled apart. This season is the tipping point for some and Chip needs to do some fixing if he wants to remain on the team. Bob Ford of was talking about the Eagles’ 3 embarrassing losses in a row when he said, “That’s a special kind of collapse, the kind that makes organizations think about changing direction. That’s where we are now.”

Not only is this a problem for most fans, but Eagles fans are their own brigade. No matter who someone cheers for there is almost always a consensus when rooting against the Eagles. For most people it is not necessarily the team itself, but the fans it holds. The fans are can be seen as the most diehard, annoying, and/or both in the league.

So diehard that they are known for throwing batteries at Santa Claus. For those that do not know, Santa came onto the field during a game they were losing and did not get greeted how the jolly man usually does. He was booed off the field whille getting snowballs (filled with batteries) thrown at him. This is how diehard we are talking, taking each win and loss personally. even.

Along with this act, they are well known for their Super Bowl dreams every year. People hate the fans for their blind optimism. After every loss, and win, (no matter how big or small)  the fans stay positive. The Eagles could be 1-8 and we would hope for a 7 game win streak for a shot at the wild card. This would be considered good except for all other fans that have to hear about it on a daily basis. Along with this, an example of how over-the-top the fans are is how the old stadium had a jail under it. This jail not only had real cells and people in them, but it’s own judge to make decisions on offenders. My cousin and junior Josh Carbough says, “Chip is ruining the team that he is trying to make great and it’s hard to watch a team with great potential lose week after week. Chip needs to fix the problem and if he is the problem he needs to leave.”

In general and most situations, being an Eagles fan is a very tough opposition and can even be harder when they are losing. Through these hardships some might leave, but most will stay because of the resilience you must have to be an Eagles’ fan in the first place.

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