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Farm Show 2016: An Educational Trip

by Raleigh Sirb and Joe McNew

The 2016 Pennsylvania State Farm show is finally here and started in full throttle on January 8th. With food, animals, and exhibits galore, the 100th annual Farm Show is once again the biggest attraction in town, and lucky for us, just a few miles away.

As opening ceremonies have long passed, the biggest word on the street is the brand new flavor of milkshake being introduced this year. These have always been a crowd favorite year-to-year, and finally a flavor besides chocolate and vanilla is being introduced.

Strawberries and creme is the flavor that was selected to be the newest addition.

Sophomore Mike Wise had to say, “I went there and the first thing I did was snag me a milkshake.”

The Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association selected the flavor even after an online poll on the Farm Show’s website showed that peanut butter was, by far, the general public’s favorite. However, complications arose with peanut allergies and they decided to go with strawberries and creme.

“My favorite part was the milkshakes and all the animals I got to see,” freshman Dorian Ervin said.

Another new addition this year, and one that the Farm Show will be highlighting, is a cooking demonstration performed by former head White House Chef John Moeller. He will be hosting 4 demos throughout the final day of the Farm Show.

Even with new additions, the Farm Show still has its staples of fun such as the annual Blue Ribbon Apple Pie contest, the Rabbit Hopping contest, an Alpaca show, the giant butter sculptures, and of course, a celebrity cow milking contest.

Parking is again a concern for the Farm Show Complex. This year a fee of $15 will be required if you want to park in the complex , and $10 for parking in adjacent parking lots. However, with the parking fee includes a shuttle ride to the complex.

In all, this year’s Farm Show has the potential to be one of the best yet, and if worst comes to worst, it’s still the most popular event year-in-and-year-out in Central PA.

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  1. Athan Graham // January 28, 2016 at 5:55 pm // Reply

    nice article.


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