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Put It Down! Your Cell Phone Is Hurting Your Grades

by Mitchell Nice


Are you tired of your grades dropping? Do you ever want to know why they keep going down? One easy solution to the problem is putting your phone away.

According to researchers at Kent State University, excessive cellphone use has a great relationship with a lower GPA. After surveying 500 students, low cell phone users have an average 3.2 to 4.0 GPA. On the other hand, high cell phone users have a 2.8 GPA average. Although they have based their factual evidence off of college students, this very much can relate to high school students.

When you take your homework out and plan on getting it done, it most of the time does not get all the way completed. Students get frustrated, tired, annoyed, etc. They end up resulting back to their cellular devices. By using their phones, time gets taken away.

“I think that cell phones lead to major procrastination” Austin Bentz, a student at Central Dauphin, says “When you’re trying to do homework it’s just a huge distraction and it ends up in your work not getting completed.”

Around the country you can see people talking about the benefits of cell phones in the educational system, but all that they do is give you the answers. Using your device is acceptable, but does it really help you learn? Not at all.

“I think that phone’s are a distraction. But at the same time it can be beneficial. It really depends on the person and how they use time management” says Mr. Hancock, a teacher at Central Dauphin.

Even with teachers allowing phones during class is deteriorating grades. With the awareness that your phone is in your pocket, students seem to find a way to use them throughout the entire period by texting, tweeting, playing games, and so on.

There is a time, place, and a purpose when you should be using a cellular device. One time not to use it is with anything school related. Too many people get glued to their tiny screens and can’t realize what needs to really be done and what really matters.

According to an article on, “Technology affords teens (and adults) a host of ways to do something other than what they are supposed to such as homework. In the adult world, it is a common experience that the lines between work and leisure have been blurred.”

This falls into the same category for kids at school. The more you use your phone, the less  work gets done. It is okay to use your phones, but when it comes to school, put them away.

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