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Pep Rallies Unite CD

by Bailey Karnash

Do you enjoy watching teachers dance? How about principals sliding around on the floor? If so, you’re in luck because it’s that time of year again. It’s pep rally time! Get ready for games, sing off’s, and dancing.

This November 6th was a time to be alive as we moved to the present time after soaring through the decades during the week.  A fake Bill and Ted from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure hosted the event.


“The goal of this pep rally is to unite the school, coming together as one student body,” Mrs. Livelsberger expressed. She has been the head of the pep rallies the past 3 years and has put so much time and dedication into these events to engage the students in pride and spirit in their school. “Most importantly, we want the students to have fun!”

The pep rally committee is asked the student body to participate in the spirit days the week of the pep rally. “The more students that participate, the more fun it will be,” said Miss Walters, a new teacher to Central Dauphin.  Miss Walters was a former student here at CD and says she is excited to see how the pep rallies have changed and improved since she was here.

The pep rally took place on the Friday of the Central Dauphin verses Central Dauphin East football game. The whole week we built up spirit by dressing like someone from a different decade every day. Monday was a 50’s theme, Tuesday 60’s, Wednesday 70’s, Thursday 80’s, and Friday we arrived to the present day and wore CD spirit wear in honor of the game that night.

Every pep rally brings spirit and collaboration to the student body, and that was the goal of this one again. The committee thanks everyone for participating as much as possible to make this event a success and motivate the football team.  Without the participation and enthusiasm of the student body, the pep rally would not have been a success.

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