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No Country For Little Green Men: The Martian Is An Intense Trip To The Red Planet

by Ashlyn Parlin


As five astronauts venture into the unknown planet, Mars, a massive storm hits. The astronauts must leave the planet immediately. But as the storm begins to brew, a chunk of metal flies off of the base and strikes fellow astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon). The crew searches frantically for Watney in the few short seconds they have before they leave.  Unable to find him, they presume he is dead. Saving themselves, they leave him on the planet as they begin to make the journey back home. Little do they know, Watney is still alive on Mars.

The Martian is a stressful and enjoyable movie. It was a film that had a very serious issue, yet remained light hearted and funny. The viewer grows to love Watneys quirky side. While in the midst of a disaster, he is cracking jokes almost every minute.  

This movie is one of the first that actually makes space travel look realistic. Obviously, man has yet to land on Mars. But if they had, I’m sure this film would be realistic. It also includes many accurate scientific experiments.

Director of the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University, Ed Finn, said, “What this story does really well is imagine a near-future scenario that doesn’t push too far of where we are today technically.”

Watney, a botanist, realizes he will eventually run out of food. But he is able to grow potatoes on Mars, while making a small environment. He also produces water in a way that NASA will be using for a rover in the near future.

Matt Damon’s performance was phenomenal. Playing a cool, calm and collected Watney, Damon received many positive reviews.  Other notable actors in the film include: Jeff Daniels, Kristen Wiig, and Donald Glover (Childish Gambino). Daniels plays the hardcore director of NASA. As his character has to make the tough decisions, Daniels portrays it very well. Alongside the director is the NASA spokesperson, Wiig. She deals with all of NASA’s publicity, and for this movie, has a lot to clean up. Lastly, Glover plays the NASA aerodynamicist. He hatches a way to get Watney home and safe.

The Martian is a great movie that will have your chest hurting and your face smiling as you leave the theatre.

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