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Major Bern: How Bernie Sanders Is Capturing The Attention Of Young Voters

by Kaitlyn Repman

As the democratic debates continue on, candidate Senator Bernie Sanders can be seen climbing the political ladder toward the oval office.


If one person were to win the election, it should be him. Sanders, a 74 year old candidate, has a focus on bringing in more voters and is reaching out to young Americans nationwide. He is unlike any other candidate. From acknowledging the importance of young voters to speaking on the “Black Lives Matter” campaign, Sanders is a humble candidate who could lead America into a great direction for the millennials.

The Democrat candidate is a very honest being who sticks to the democratic stance and does not stray away from the political platform he created. Honesty is one of the most important characteristics that can be found in a candidate, because America needs a president who is honest about what they plan to do.

Producer Phillip David Morton stated, “His notoriety may be based on his fearlessness. He’s not afraid to plainly discuss the issues and tell you his position and how he’ll vote.”

So, Sanders might just be the perfect candidate for the democrats. And he might just win.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Sanders is a sincere democrat candidate who stands by his stances. He has been serious about social justice for years now, going back to the 60’s when Sanders was taking part in the Civil Rights Movement.

He’s winning the heart of people across the nation one speech at a time, including Central Dauphin student Lizzie Adlestein who said, “Sanders seems like the perfect candidate. I’d love to see him in the office.”

According to a poll done on Facebook by US News and World Report, Bernie Sanders was the most talked about candidate during the debate. And while media outlets are screaming about how Clinton clearly won the debate, a poll conducted by a Us News liveblog showed otherwise. Bernie Sanders won the poll with a vote of 84%, winning by a landslide.

Polls conducted by Time and Fox News also showed the clear winner of the debate was Sanders

Sanders also filled twitter mentions nationwide throughout the debate. “Bernie Sanders was mentioned 407,000 times on Twitter – more than any candidate combined. He also picked up an astonishing 42,730 new followers during and after the debate, compared to Clinton’s 25,475 new followers,” said journalist Robert C. Gibson, who did research on who really won the debate held on October 13th.

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