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CD Students Hungry For More

by Avery Drake

Central Dauphin students are hungry, which, whilst typical for the average teenager, is a bit abnormal if they are feeling it immediately after leaving lunch.

Thanks to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative started on February 9, 2010, kids are leaving school lunches hungrier than ever. This is a program that aspired to lessen the obesity rate in America, but many of the kids are getting an appetite back by the end of the day. The healthy food is not what kids are frustrated about, it’s the portions.

“I’m too big for these meals.” said Evan Childs, a 6’3, 285-pound offensive tackle for the well off football program here at CD when looking at his tray. It’s an all-too common comment these days.

What schools need to understand is that a high-school football lineman, on average, needs more food than a 100 pound male/female not engaged in physical activity in order to feel full and be able to function properly. These are the two extremes, along with everyone in between, that the school is facing when they serve them food.

CDHS serves an equal amount of food to each person  and doesn’t think anything of it because they are just getting their job done and complying with the federal government. Schools face stiff controls on what they can serve and how much of it.

There are about 1,700 kids at Central Dauphin High School, a lot of mouths to feed, and the fact that many of them suffer hunger throughout the day thanks to the Let’s Move program is a shame. And it may have financial consequences for the school in the future.

In an article on, Superintendent Gary Lewis of Catlin, Illinois said his district lost $30,000 since the program because the kids stopped buying lunch. Also, the Voorheesville school district in Voorheesville, New York said they lost $30,000 since the start based on the same reason; kids are not buying these small-portioned lunches. Aside from the hunger some kids face because of these portions, districts are very likely to lose money because of it.

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