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High (School) Anxiety: Modern Students Are Stressed To Their Limits

by Mike Betz

As a high school student, you are expected to participate in extracurricular activities, have a job, get a good night sleep and do all of your school work, but how can all of this be achieved if you’re stuck at home with hours of homework every night?

The answer is no high school student can balance all this.

On average, high school students get 17.5 hours of homework per school week which is 3.5 hours per night. The average student has a part-time job during the school year and works 19 hours a week or 3.8 hours per day.

Homework and work combined take up 7.3 hours. If a student gets out of school at 2:30, between their work and homework they wouldn’t have free time until 9:30.

Students are expected to participate in extracurricular activities and sports which takes roughly 2 hours after school. For an athlete, they get home at 4:30 sometimes later, then have to work about 3 hours if they have a job which would take them to 7:30 and they have 3.5 hours of homework so they won’t be finished until 11 p.m.

These students are also supposed to get 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night. The average student wakes up between 6 and 6:30 a.m. for school. If most students don’t go to bed until 11 or later, they’re only getting about 7 hours of sleep. That’s at least an hour of sleep students are missing.

Bottom line, too much is expected of high school students.

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2 Comments on High (School) Anxiety: Modern Students Are Stressed To Their Limits

  1. Randy Jackson // December 8, 2015 at 4:14 pm // Reply

    Such a great read! Very relating!


  2. Time management is something that is very important in high school and post secondary. I have 2 students in high school, while it is true that my child in honors classes has approx. 3 hours of homework/night-my student in college prep does not. She has approx. 1 hour of homework. They both do small jobs during the school year so that they can concentrate on their studies, they work more hours over the summer and save. The article about cell phones also plays a huge role here-how much time do we ALL waste playing on our phones or computers? While cell phones have their place, they are also a great distraction to people whom do not exercise restraint and good time management skills. While it is true that colleges and universities like to see your activity resume full, they do take into account the level of responsibility it takes for a young person to hold down a steady job-and in turn, less extracurricular activities are expected of those individuals.


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