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Friday Night Lights Would Dim Without Monday’s Practice

by Mitchell Nice

Pads crash against each other. Quarterbacks throw to receivers. The offense tries over and over again to perfect a single play. Everyone buys into the outcome of the game, but what matters is the practice.

One Central Dauphin student was asked what the football team did last week and they replied, “They beat Harrisburg 50-6.” That right there is the typical answer by most students and fans of the Central Dauphin football program. What they are all lacking knowledge of is the preparation during the week.

According to NFL Quarterback Matt Ryan, “The more you can replicate how fast the games move on the practice field, the better off those young guys are going to be and the more productive they are going be.” Going game speed during the practices is the main focus at Central Dauphin because it honestly gets all of the players in shape for the game conditions.

“I think the type of practices we have help us get ready for the speed of the upcoming opponent”, says CD Linebacker/Fullback Reid Albright.

At practice, the coaching staff creates a kind of college atmosphere by playing music while the team warms up. This gets most of the players excited for what’s in store during the practice. After warm ups, half the team goes to offense and half of the team goes to defense. Throughout the entire practice, the team goes from unit to individual to special teams and so on.

Coach McNamee puts a very large emphasis on the competitiveness of the practice. Again, this all goes back to the way a college practices or even maybe a professional team. All of the players on the team buy into the program and practice to prepare for the game.

By the time a game comes around, you can easily see that the hard work during the week paid off. Each and every aspect of the practice contributed to the win. So hopefully most people start to realize what goes on during the week and not what just happens as an outcome of the game.

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