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Military Robots Already Helping US Soldiers

by Savannah Kreiser

A military base in North Carolina is currently clearing ordnance training fields so that they can turn it into their first aerial live gunnery range by January and instead of hiring a team of humans, they hired a team of robotics to do the dangerous work.

Fort Bragg is hoping to clear an aerial gunnery range, where previous live ordnance training occurred. The robot goes through the specific field for this new training and looks for live ordnance.

This idea came about so that a team of humans didn’t have to do the dangerous job.

The robots cautiously scan over the field, careful not to set off any ordnance.

A GPS on the robotics show their latitude and longitude so that a team can go back in and defuse the unexploded ordnance. It pinpoints where the unexploded ordnance is, making it easier on people and causing less injuries.

The robotics came from a Colorado based Environmental Chemical Corporation.

They are removing vegetation from 1,100 acres on Fort Bragg; the process will take 270 days and ends in January.

No ordnance has been set off from the robotics yet, but a lot of unexploded ordnance has been found.  

Fort Bragg saved money on the robotics by not hiring a team to do the work.

The aerial gunnery range should be open in January for training on the field.

With the help of the robotics, there should be no unexploded ordnance left in the field, making it safe for training. If the robotics or a team of humans did not clear the field and live ordnance was shot, it would cause major explosions in the fort and would cause many soldiers their lives.

According to Spencer O’Neal,who is apart of Huntsville Center Vegetation, using robotics is the sensible thing to do in this situation. He also stated that the robotics will clear a little over one acre per day.

The Fort Bragg Range control chief, Wolf Amarack stated, “Attack helicopters need large areas to maneuver in and this AGR gives them that distance and all the targets they need (to train). Once we have this range cleared of vegetation and construction completed, we will finally have the aerial gunnery training capabilities right here at Fort Bragg.”

Thanks to the clever use of advanced robotics, this process will no longer risk human lives.

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