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Blood Supermoon Eclipse: Somehow Not An Anime Title

by Caleb Burkhart

Earth witnessed a rare yet magnificent event.

The lunar eclipse paired with a “supermoon”, the point at which the moon is closest to Earth’s orbit, was a spectacular site. The thing that made this most special though was that it also had a red tint to itself, making it a “blood moon.”

This “blood moon” was the last of the four that had occurred earlier this year, making it a tetrad. The last time a tetrad has happened was back in 1982 and is not expected to return until 2033.

Some people looked at the moon in awe and wonder, while others looked at it in fear. Mark Hammergren, an astronomer at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium, pointed out that these events link humanity to history. “Astronomy, in particular, is something that hooks us up to our most ancient roots.”

People for thousands of years, dating back further than ancient Greece, have been looking up at the stars for numerous reasons. Whether it’s for directions when traveling, or trying to figure out what else could be out there, astronomy has given us many answers. For some people, astronomy provides clues to Earth’s future. The particular blood moon is said to be called that by end-times believers because of the reddish tint signaling troubling times to come.

Each blood moon took place during Jewish holidays from the most recent tetrad. Linking history with when other tetrads have occurred, significant dates have come with them, including 1492, when the Jewish people were were expulsed from Spain, and 1948, during a war in the Middle East when Israel declared itself a state.

Hammergren says that these claims “should be taken with at least a few grains of salt.” The fact that the blood moons fall on these Jewish holidays and significant dates is no coincidence however, it’s in fact logical because Jewish people follow the lunar calendar.

Like Hammergren said though, “People have been predicting the end of the world for thousands of years in recorded history, and not a single time has that come about.” This astronomical event should not leave people living in fear, but in wonder and curiosity that may lead to further findings and answers.

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