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Auburn Star’s Poor Decisions Cost Him The Season

D'haquille Williams (1). Arkansas vs Auburn in Auburn, Ala. on Saturday, Aug. 30, 2014. Zach Bland/Auburn Athletics

by Adam Thornton

Star wide receiver D’haquille “Duke” Williams was a former football player for the Auburn Tigers who was suspended indefinitely for the 2015 season because of a bar fight.

According to witnesses, Williams was drunk and started a fight with an Alabama fan and punched him and three others. He also punched two security guards which is prison time because they are apart of law enforcement.

Williams was the number one receiver in the 2015 preseason rankings. He was projected to be the first wide receiver drafted in the 2016 NFL draft. He also, was rated the number one receiver in the SEC which is the southeastern conference.

Duke Williams went to a bar in downtown Auburn. He decided to get drunk with a couple of his friends and it turned out wrong for him. Once he was inebriated, he started to talk “reckless” and got in a couple of Alabama fans faces.

He eventually swung and punched all of them. When he was being stopped by the security guards, he punched both of them in the face. The police came a little later after the bartender called and Williams was arrested on the spot.

After, the head coach of Auburn Gus Malzahn told the media that he will no longer play for Auburn University. Williams was very upset about being released by Auburn and eventually apologized to the university and the head coach and now is looking forward to entering the 2016 NFL draft. Because of the fight, his draft stock will drop dramatically.

Many Auburn fans are very upset that he got in a fight. To most fans, he was the best receiver on the team and the favorite on the field. Every time he touched the ball, the entire stadium would chant “DUKE”!.

Williams released the following letter to the media and his fans:

I just wanna thank Auburn for everything they done for me and the people that helped me I made mistake after mistake so it’s only right I blame myself… I just wanna say sorry to my family my teammates and the auburn family/fans… Everybody love you when you on top but once you hit the bottom all the negativity come out but it’s only human I wish my brothers the best of luck the rest of the season do work… Ima miss everything about AU from friends to teammates especially the fans but I can’t hold back I got to live life I’m going get everything that I desire no matter what nobody or nothing will stop me from achieving my dreams and goals it’s human I will learn from my mistakes #WDE

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